Safe Space Code of Conduct


The Poet Rising Project is passionately dedicated to strengthening a safe space community.

To us, a safe space is a place where anyone can feel empowered to express themselves openly and safely, free from discrimination, intimidation, judgement and physical or verbal harrassment.

A safe space is also a place where respect for all is the ultimate rule.

Consent is practiced vigiliently!  Permission is requested for any form of physical contact.  This includes hugging.  Just because someone says yes once doesn’t mean they mean yes forever.  ASK! Also with interpersonal communication.  ASK!…  “Hey, can I talk to you about something?”  “Would it be ok to give you some feedback?”

Any form of unconsentual physical or verbal contact with a member of our community MAY be grounds for being asked to remove oneself from our venue or workshop.

Preferred Pronouns: We would like to help eliminate the process of assimilation by asking each participant how they prefer to be referred to in terms of gender pronouns, stage names, etc.

You will see this on our open mic and slam sign up sheets as well as asked in our workshops.

We encourage our community to be aware and sensitive to how others would like to be addressed.  It IS ok to ask what pronouns people go by rather than embarrass yourself or hurt people by making assumptions.

Refusal to respect or any form of diliberate disregard for one’s gender identity MAY be grounds for being asked to remove oneself from our venue or workshop.

The Poet Rising Project will never practice censorship of art!  However, we will open a discussion concerning oppressive language or behavior when it is used inside our venue or workshop.  Please be prepared to participate in a conversation if you use language that hurts people.  You may be asked to apologize if you hurt someone.  We support an open dialogue for building and strengthening our community.  No one will be ostricized or humiliated as we will do all that we can to provide an inclusive atmosphere for all.

That being said, we strongly encourage participants of our safe space to consider your audience.  Please practice respect for all within your community.

Regarding YOUTH:

Statutory Consent doesn’t count!  This means that any members under the age of 18 cannot legally consent so unless the parent or guardian is present and consents, we strongly encourage adults not to touch youth outside of a high-five or pat on the upper back.  Anything else may be considered inappropriate.

We will open a discussion with anyone we find being inappropriate with youth and it may result in being asked to remove oneself from our venue or workshop.


Anyone attending or participating in a Poet Rising Project event or workshop may bring questions, concerns, complaints to any of the following hosts and we will do everything in our power to find resolution:

Tina Smith,

Greg McKillop,

Kristina Buckley,

gaelle robin,


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