RC 3-2-1 SLAM


RC is a PSI-certified slam.


YOUTH ARE WELCOME TO COMPETE IN RC SLAMS, however poets must be over the age of 18 to represent RC at any National or World Poetry Slams.  If a youth poet wins any RC tournament, first of all, THAT’S AWESOME!!!, but RC will select the next ranked poet who is of age to send to represent us.


All RC Monthly Slams and Indy Slams will be in the 3-2-1 format.

There will be three rounds. No Eliminations when possible!! There will only be 10 slots open for each monthly slam, so show up early if you want a spot.  There will be no cap on how many times any poet can compete, as in, any poet can compete in every monthly slam.  Once again, if you want to compete, be sure to show up early to get a spot.  RC will not save you a spot so if you are running late, be sure to have a friend sign you up.

The first round will be a 3-minute round.

The second round will be a 2-minute round.

The third round will be a 1-minute round.

Each poet will have the time-slots given above according to each round plus a 10 second grace period to read their poems.  For every 10 seconds over the grace period a .5 point deduction will be subracted from the total score.

Five random judges from the audience will be picked to score the poets in the competition.  They will be asked to give scores based 50/50 on overall performance and writing.  With 10 being the best possible score and 0 being the worst possible score.  Decimal points will be encouraged to avoid a tie.  The highest and lowest scores will be dropped with the hope that this will eliminate the opportunity for judges to inflict bias toward any poets.

There will be calibration/sacrifice poet(s) who will read before the slam to help the judges practice gauging their scoring.

Before the slam, each poet competing will draw numbers to determine the order of the first round competition.  If a poet is not present for the draw, they will be stuck with whatever number doesn’t get drawn.  If a poet is not present by the time the slam starts, they will not be permitted to slam and the the order will shift up to fill the spot forfeited.

At the end of the round, each poet will be ranked according to their score for that round, with 1 being the highest rank. This ranking will determine the order for the rest of the slam.

This same ranking system continues for the second and third rounds with the rank scores added together to determine the highest ranked poet.

The highest ranked poet will win the slam.

All final scores, ranks and poems will be kept and posted here:


FOR TEAM QUALIFICATIONS:  Any poet who places in the 1st and 2nd rank in any monthly slam is qualified for semi-finals.  The 2013 season will run from July-February with semi-finals in March and finals in April.

SEE:  https://poetrising.wordpress.com/2012-2013-rc-slam-schedule/

This schedule may be subject to change for the 2014 slam season.  For 2013, we may have up to 8 slams with 16 semi-finalists.  Whatever the amount of semi-finalists, half will be eliminated for finals.

We will have two nights of Semi-Finals.  The split will be selected by odd and even rank:

First Bout: poets ranked, 1 ,3 , 5 , 7, 9, 11, 13, 15

Second Bout:  poets ranked, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16

The top 5 poets in the final slam will be qualified to represent RC in the 2013 National Poetry Slam so long as we are able to get in.

FOR INDY QUALIFICATIONS:  Any poet who places in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rank in any quarterly Indy qualifier is qualified for Indy semi-finals.  

SEE:  https://poetrising.wordpress.com/2012-2013-rc-slam-schedule/ 

 This schedule may be subject to change for the 2014 slam season.  For 2013,  we may have 4 Indy qualifying slams with 12 semi-finalists.  Whatever the amount of semi-finalists, half will be eliminated for finals.  The poet who places in the 1st rank will be qualified to represent RC in the 2013 Individual World Slam so long as we are able to get in.


FOR WOW QUALIFICATIONS:  Any female-identified poet is welcome to compete in the Women of the World Qualifier.  There will be 12 slots for the the WOW Slam so be sure to show up early to sign up.  There will be a 50% elimination between rounds except the 1 minute round will be between the top two ranked poets.  The poet who places in the 1st rank will be qualified to represent RC at the Women of the World Poetry Slam so long as we are able to get in.

*For the Women of the World Qualifier we will do four rounds.  4 minute, 3 minute, 2 minute, 1 minute*


NOTE:  If by chance any poets who qualify to represent RC cannot make it to the national competition, RC will follow the order of final placement in asking poets to represent us until we find a poet able to compete.  For example, for the Team, if any of the top 5 finishers at finals cannot make it to Nats, we will go to the 6th rank poet and so on until we find a poet who will represent us.  Once we have gone through all the finalists we will use discretion on choosing poets based on any criteria such as poets who have competed in a regional or national slam, winner(s) of most recent slams, semi-finalists.  This same process goes for any regional or national slam representation.  


IMPORTANT NOTE about our NO REPEAT RULE: WE WILL KEEP TRACK OF ALL POEMS USED IN COMPETITIONS AND WILL MAINTAIN A NO REPEAT RULE FOR OUR SEMIS AND FINALS, AS WELL AS, FROM YEAR TO YEAR FOR ALL QUALIFYING POETS. This means once you qualify for finals for any year, you may not repeat any qualifying poems the following slam season’s semi-finals or finals.***



Any Questions/Concerns/Suggestions can be directed to Tina Smith, tnsmith09@gmail.com or message http://www.facebook.com/RhythmicCypher



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