The 2013 Greatest Hits Slam

3 Nov

Congratulations to the following poets for writing and performing the top scoring poems of 2013!!

These poets will move on to the Greatest Hits Slam on Sunday, December 22nd.  In this slam there will only be one round.  Poets can use any poem from the Top 40.  The time limit is 3 minutes.  Point deductions will happen after a 10 second grace period beyond 3 minutes.

The top 5 poets will go on to represent Rhythmic Cypher at the 2014 NorthBeast W&YI Regional Slam in Manchester in February.  The Regionals team will practice once a week for the weeks leading up to the slam.



Due to a tie, we will take 11 poets into the Greatest Hits Slam

Poets may only use poems from the 2013 Greatest Hits Top 40  (see link below)

1.  Evah 

(Straight Girl, Angel Face, Mind Wanderer, Hearing and Sexy)


2.  Wellman

(Facebook Friend, Fireworks, Information Propagate, Co-Worker, Hippies, New Love Poem)


3.  Alina

(How I Came Out, Beauty Beast, Coming Out, Sestina for Lost Love)


4.  TLove

(Ants, Sugar’s Free, Say Poetry)


5.  Jenn C.

(Tolanda, God as a Poet, Health Class, 3 Genders, First Year Teacher, Best Lover, Father/Parent, Schitzo)


6.  Robin Merrill

(Cut, Oral Sex, Word Slut, Daydream)


7.  Dylan

(Funeral, Tree Fort, Life Lessons, Kneeling in Dirt)


8.  Arwyn

(Thinspiration, When I Love You, Mother)


9.  Greg

(Snaps, Self-Defense, Batman)


10.  Jenny

(Mother, Blanky, Tell Me I’m Beautiful, Why Have I Never Been)


11.  Dan

(Zombies, Jukebox, Man-made Canyon)


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